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Effectively Prepare for Your House Removal in Launceston, Cornwall

Make sure you are fully prepared for your move with our services. Based in Launceston, Cornwall, you can delight in stress-free house removals with a comprehensive moving-house checklist from our experienced company.

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Moving your home or business can be a very stressful time, but with our help and advice, we'll make sure it goes without a hitch. Good preparation and planning are the secrets to every successful move. Moores Removals offers you all the services you need, including:

Advice and Support from Experienced and Fully Trained Staff
Flexible Removals and Storage Services to Meet Your Needs
A Fleet of Modern and Fully Equipped Specialist Vehicles

Customised Moves

Enjoy a service where each move is completely tailored to your individual needs. When you choose our all-inclusive service, you can have complete confidence that experienced professionals have taken care of your move. However, you may prefer to do some or all the packing yourself beforehand, which is fine. Alternatively, you may want to put some items into storage until later, so your new location can be prepared and properly set up.

Moving Specialists

Planning Your Move

Organising your move in advance will make it go smoothly. We offer advice on any aspect that may concern you, but here are a few tips:

Tell your bank and credit card providers about your change of address. You may prefer to transport important documents and valuables yourself. We provide containers for these in advance, if required.

Transfer or disconnect phone, electricity, gas, water, internet providers, and TV licensing. We recommend making a written note of every phone call you make, including the date and the name of the person you spoke to.

Other Services
Let all your contacts and service providers know you're moving to a new address, such as the school, doctor, dentist, vet, insurance, friends, and family. Cancel any services you won't be taking with you.

Having a general clear-out of unwanted items and clutter will mean less to pack up and move.

Pets and Plants
Work out ahead of time how you want to transport them. You may prefer to leave it to us. We advise you on the best way to meet your particular requirements.

Plenty of Support and Guidance

Whether it's a home, an office, or an entire business, Moores Removals offers all the support and advice you need. Providing a customised packing service, provision of packing materials, and short or long-term storage, we take care of any packing required in advance. This way, the move itself will run much more smoothly. We can do everything in one day if you like, as this gets all the fuss over and done with in one go.

On the Day

Plan to keep your children happy and occupied. They are much better off out of the way when we are moving heavy and bulky items. Their personal belongings and special toys can be packed last of all, so these can be unpacked first at the destination.

Contact us in Launceston, Cornwall, for a helpful moving-house checklist to assist you with your house removals.

Extras to Remember

Check the contents of kitchen cupboards and refrigerator, so you don't have to worry about transporting perishables. But you may want to keep out the kettle, tea and coffee, as well as a packet of biscuits handy! Also, have a roll of packing tape, some packaging, and a marker pen ready. You'll be surprised at the things that need to be packed up at the last minute.

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